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The Jersey Jihad

One might think of the negative aspect of New Jersey as the home of the ‘mob’. This has been fostered by programs like HBO’s hit series ‘The Sopranos’. Yet, when I think of the unfavorable aspect of the state which boasts ‘liberty and prosperity’ as its motto, it is not fiction that I dread …… Read more »

The Abortion Distortion

I must admit that I predate the political aspect of the abortion distortion. I was taught in my first year of Dental School (along with the Medical Students ) that abortion was the taking of a human life. It was illegal and prosecuted as murder in our courts. Since then science has given more, not… Read more »

The "Evolution" of the ACLU

The ACLU and Their ‘Evolution” The greatest threat to our society, after the jihad, is home grown … it is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This is the same organization that claims it looks out for the rights of the ‘little guy’, but more often than not it is only when “the little guy”… Read more »

Thanksgiving Soup

Right after we worshipped and gave thanks to our Creator this past Thanksgiving, I felt we next owed a collective show of appreciation to our military and leadership for taking the fight to the terrorists on their land instead of ours. America’s unique aspect of pluralism or our ‘melting pot’ should be equally given credit… Read more »

Washington was no terrorist

There has been several attempts by media pundits as well as pro-Islamist groups to draw a parallel between George Washington and the Islamic terrorists. I’ve even heard experts on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC compare Washington to Arafat. Matt Lauer took such an opportunity when he interviewed the ‘Second Lady” Mrs. Cheney on his NBC “Today… Read more »

"We the People"

About 8 years ago, before my fourth son had considered joining the infantry, before the birth of my second grandson (now there are 5!), and well before I truly understood the term ‘radical Islam’ … my second son quoted a study that the great majority in this nation had no idea what the Bill of… Read more »

Gun Rights and Kerry

Autum has long been my favorite time of the year. Along with the change in colors comes the nip in the air and the preparation for the slowing slumber of winter. Hunting is a major part of my nostalgia … guns and hunting have been part of my life since I was a teen. Over… Read more »

Where is the Outcry?

I am perplexed and dismayed that after the travesty in Russia in which hundreds of school children were targeted and murdered by Islamic Terrorists that we have not heard universal condemnation of this heinous act by Islam. Not only has Islam’s silence been deafening by its absence, but also that of the Western press. The… Read more »

Who Were Those Guys?

As the Sundance Kid once said to Butch Cassidy: “who are those guys?’ As I watched the demonstrations against the Republicans in New York City I could not help but wonder the same. Who are these people, and further what do they want? In a time of war there is plenty to demonstrate against …… Read more »