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AF of L -C … I told you so!

When I was a kid my Dad had a simple rule about labor and management … unions were good, management wasn’t. Therefore, it was natural for me as a young man to become a ‘dyed in the wool’ Bobby Kennedy Democrat, after all they were at that time, the party of the people. But by… Read more »

Roberts … yet another stealth

Hey folks, here’s an open note to the Republicans in Washington … you won the election! You won the House, the Senate, and the Presidency … yet you allow the Democrats to bully you at every turn. The latest case is that of the Supreme Court Nomnee John Roberts. Are you people unwilling to accept… Read more »

Kiss your property rights good bye!

Amongst the most activist rulings in the history of the Supreme Court is their recent “Kelo vs. City of New London Case” (Kelo) on the redefinition of private property rights. That decision takes away the right to hold private property by each American citizen (Eminent Domain) and re-appropriates it to government … at any and… Read more »

Shredding the ACLU

Former American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Head of Archives Ms. Janet Linde should be awarded the “Deep Throat Snitch Award” for 2005. Not only has she has publically warned that employees and executives of her beloved ACLU are shredding documents, but has also, unlike the original ‘deep throat’ (FBI snitch Mark Felt) resigned her post…. Read more »

Politics rather than Protection

With the same impeccable logic that the Clinton Administration used when they gifted nuclear power plants to North Korea, the Bush Administration and our Congress are gifting our country to any who wish to enter … no matter their motives. Rather than export the American dream as NAFTA promised, the federal government insists on importing… Read more »

Oh my … what have we done

Just Pull out the tubes and let the Vegetable Die After championing Terri Schaivo for months in this forum I received many responses … both for and against my stance. Possibly the most crass was that of a reader who said: ‘Pull out the tubes and let the vegetable die.’ ‘Let the vegetable die’? First… Read more »

Right is right … even when the world says it is wrong.

It’s all about this: right is right, even if the world thinks its wrong … and wrong is wrong … even if the world thinks its right. I can already hear my critics, ‘but Bill, then what you say is right is TRUTH … and when others disagree they are wrong?’. That is not what… Read more »

Perot and Buchanan were right … its an invasion not immigration

Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot were right, America has exported most of their good paying jobs while simultaneously importing millions of illegals to do jobs which other industries refuse to pay adequate wages. This, while CEO’s and others at the top of the ‘food chain’, continue to ‘earn’ salaries that would embarrass even professional athletes…. Read more »

Baseball Brats

As I listened at stunned disbelief at the circus called Baseball’s Congressional Hearing I recalled a youth I had one known rumored to be on steroids. This kid apparently used them for weight training (before they were illegal). He became subject to extreme mood swings and eventually committed suicide. He was a great kid and… Read more »

Terri's Plight Reviewed

I have spent the entire week thinking and praying for a disabled brain injured person named Terri Schiavo (Terri). After she died my neighbor said, “Lighten up Bill, after all it’s not your fault.” I responded: “Isn’t it? As an American it is our collective duty to be certain tyranny does not rein.” To stand… Read more »